Size Guide

Many of our styles offer relaxed fits and the sizing of the garment spans across more than one specific size. 

Use the size guide below to determine which size you require. You can also refer to the specific measurements of each garment, located within the product description. 

Our size Small

equal to sizes UK 10-12 and EU 38-40

bust sizes 86-91cm, waist sizes 68-73cm

Our size Medium 

equal to sizes UK 12-14 and EU 40-42

bust sizes 92-96cm, waist sizes 74-78cm

Our size Large 

equal to sizes UK 14-16 and EU 42-44

bust sizes 97-101cm, waist sizes 79-83cm

Our size Extra Large 

equal to sizes UK 16-18 and EU 44-46

bust sizes 102-107cm, waist sizes 84-88cm

Our size S/M 

equal to sizes UK 10-14 and EU 38-42

bust sizes 86-96cm, waist sizes 68-78cm

Our size L/XL 

equal to sizes UK 14-18 and EU 42-46

bust sizes 97-107cm, waist sizes 79-107cm